How much does each driving lesson cost?
The standard price of each driving lesson is an affordable price of  $50 for 60 minutes.

How many lessons are required to pass the driving examination?
The beauty of our driving instructors is that they have a vast amount of knowledge and know how to adapt to every situation. They cater to our clients’ needs and flaws in driving, where they will not spend any unnecessary time
i areas that are already competent. Depending on each individual’s needs and areas of weakness, we will develop a unique program that caters to each client specifically.

Why Drim Driving School?
Working with
Drim Driving School, we are fully equipped with the latest capabilities on driving instructing and ways to teach students so that they feel comfortable in a stress-free environment. We are continually reviewing our methods of teaching and monitoring students. With the use of surveys, we gain feedback, and continually improve our programs to better align with our client’s expectations.

How many lessons per week do you recommend?
Beginning to learn anything from scratch can be very hard, but it is essential to get comfortable with driving and get the most practice available to you in order to feel confident in your abilities. It is recommended that a minimum of two lessons per week is executed in the first few weeks of driving. The first baby steps to walking are always the hardest to overcome.

Is it possible to take lessons on the weekends?
Yes, it is possible to take lessons on the weekends as long as there is an appointment made beforehand.

Can students get picked up from one location and be dropped off at another?
Yes, if the two places are within reason in terms of location and time. However, the instructor must be informed beforehand to make the arrangement.