Drim Driving School is an established driving school in Perth offering well-prepared training for learners. Our instructors are highly qualified with Certificate IV Motor Vehicle license and with OVER 30 YEARS of driving experience. Our lessons are designed to cater to individuals ability with the focus on strategies that will improve learners driving skills. Our aim is to assist the learners with the required driving knowledge that will help them to become free of fears, confident and safe drivers. Our students will be given constructive criticism and detailed feedback on their driving, on a lesson by lesson basis


At Drim Driving School we provide the highest quality training for our students, not only to pass their driving tests, but to gain the knowledge, confidence and preparation for their future driving experiences. Our lessons are well prepared and structured to cater for each individual case from beginners to more experienced drivers.

Our Instructors will:

  • Show you the layout of the Practical Driving Assessment and enable you to meet the criteria to pass.
  • Be frank with you about how many hours you need.
  • Assure and build your confidence in driving.
  • Inform and educate you about safety practices.
  • Build your Peripheral vision.




  • Power steering in MANUAL and AUTOMATIC transmissions
  • 4 Cylinder Vehicles for a smooth driving experience
  • All vehicles are DUAL CONTROLLED providing the instructor complete control enhancing safety
  • All vehicles are late models and meet the latest safety standards
  • Tires are regularly assessed for traction control and renewed
  • Comfortable environment including air conditioning as well as other features
  • Vehicles are serviced regularly